Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Probiotics for Constipation Relief

Did you know that almost 20 million people in the U.S. are
looking for constipation relief? That's the number of people who
suffer from constipation in this country. That's bad news.

The good news is that there are probiotics for constipation
relief. What are probiotics? They are the "good" bacteria that
live in your gut, helping with everything from digestion to the
production of B-vitamins (which are beneficial for good moods).

Are You Seeking Constipation Relief?
If you are tired of laxatives and stool softeners, you are on the
right track. While the occasional use of these products can help
move your digestive tract along, long term use leads to
dependence. Your digestive tract simply stops working because the
laxatives and stool softeners are taking care of business.

The thing is, you WANT your digestive system to be strong and functional. A healthy digestive system not only helps your body absorb nutrients, but also boosts your immunity.

Natural Solutions for Constipation Relief
Luckily there are natural solutions for constipation relief. One of the best options is to add probiotics to your daily regimen.

Why do you need to add probiotics if these beneficial bacteria already live in your gut? That's easy ... lifestyle choices can kill probiotics, leaving room for harmful bacteria to take up residence in your gut. For instance, drinking chlorinated water, living under chronic stress, or eating unhealthy foods can all kill the probtioics in your gut. This in turn can lead to digestive upset, and have you seeking constipation relief.

The really cool thing about probiotics is that they are easy to add to your daily regimen: just pop some capsules filled with live probiotics in your mouth, swallow with non-chlorinated water, and voila! Probiotics added.

Effective Probiotics for Constipation Relief
One way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your probiotics supplement is to use a full spectrum probiotic product. For example, this full spectrum probiotic that includes 12 different types of beneficial bacteria, as well as blue-green algae, which supports the digestive tract.

This full spectrum probiotic is verified to be active. That means that when it is manufactured, each two-capsule serving contains at least:
  • 825 million active L. acidophilus bacteria
  • 495 million active B bifidum bacteria
  • 10% each of the other six key beneficial bacteria
  • Jerusalem artichoke, acerola, and rose hips (helps probiotics stay active)

The recommended dose is 2-4 capsules daily before bed. Many a sufferer has found constipation relief and digestive support with this regimen, with many experiencing changes in their digestion within 24-48 hours.

Best of all, this solution for constipation relief is all natural and supports the beneficial bacteria that are meant to live in your gut. Natural is good. Constipation relief is even better!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Anxious or Nervous? Maybe Your Brain Cells are Starving

Did you know that if your brain cells don't get adequate nutrients then they can begin to starve? And when your brain cells starve, it can affect your mood, causing you to feel tired, anxious, nervous, or depressed. When your brain cells are not functioning, the rest of your body is bound to be affected.

Part of the reason that brain cells have a tendency to "starve" is because they need special micro-nutrients that can pass through the blood brain barrier (BBB).

For those of you who want to know something about the BBB (and are fans of Wikipedia), check out this definition:

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is a separation of circulating blood and cerebral-spinal fluid (CSF) maintained by the choroid plexus in the central nervous system (CNS). Endothelial cells restrict the diffusion of microscopic objects (e.g. bacteria) and large or hydrophillic molecules into the CSF, while allowing the diffusion of small hydrophobic molecules (O2, hormones, CO2). Cells of the barrier actively transport metabolic products such as glucose across the barrier with specific proteins.

In other words, nutrients have to be both small enough and paired with the right proteins to cross the BBB. These kinds of nutrients are mostly found in whole natural foods.

Sound too complicated? No problem. The type of algae that is the heart of the algae  is a specially stripped-down version of the algae cell, and can pass through the BBB. This is why this special type of bluegreen algae is touted to help with mental clarity, memory retention, and mental energy. It's got "the right stuff" to pass through the BBB's protective wall.

So if you're feeling anxious, nervous, tired, grumpy, out-of-sorts ... then you might want to consider whether your brain cells are starving. Maybe you have been feeding the rest of your body just fine, but neglecting your brain cells. If so, you may want to try this algae, and then think about this whole article from the beginning!

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