Thursday, March 17, 2016

Antioxidants for a High Performance Body

The word "antioxidants" is being thrown around a lot these days and there's enough contradictory information out there that the topic can be confusing. If you're worried about what antioxidants are and which you should take, don't worry. It's not as complicated as you might think.

Here's a simple 3-step process to help you understand the whole antioxidant concept.

1. Stress, heavy exercise, overwork, poor nutrition, and environmental toxicity create something called free radicals in the body.

2. Free radicals damage the body, including cells, enzymes, and DNA, causing negative effects such as pain, inflammation, and chronic diseases.

3. Antioxidants attack free radicals and get them out of your body, relieving pain, inflammation, and chronic symptoms in the process.

Now here's what you really need to know about antioxidants: your body can produce enough antioxidants to handle a certain level of free radicals, but when it gets overloaded you will begin to experience pain, inflammation, and discomfort in your body. Those are all signs of free radical overload.

If you've got areas of chronic discomfort such as headaches, shoulder pain, joint pain, or nerve pain, your body may be in free radical overload. The good news is that you can address this problem by adding extra antioxidants to your daily regimen. Look for brightly colored fruits and vegetables to add to your diet. Adding a variety of these type foods will help get you some extra antioxidant protection.

A wonderfully convenient way to increase the level of antioxidants you take is with this whole food wild algae, sprouts, and mushroom based supplement program. Two packets to take each day give you the nutritional basics of wild AFA bluegreen algae, probiotics and digestive enzymes and nutrition of marine and freshwater algae, tonic mushrooms, and sprouted grasses and grains.

So if your day is busy and you spend a lot of time on the go, don't do without your antioxidant protection, supplement your diet instead with nutritional whole food goodness that is easy to take anywhere with you. 

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